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About Eleet Flooring

A little about me and what I do

Hi there, and thanks for visiting my website first off!! My name is Jason Lee, and I am owner/operator of ELeet Flooring, located in LaGrange Kentucky. This is a little about myself, and my story. Enjoy!! :) I am a native to LaGrange, and graduated from Oldham County High School in 1994. I first started in the flooring business in 1995-96. With family ties that owned a small local up and coming store, I was asked if I could come in a few days a week to do the little stuff like sweeping, rolling up and tagging remnants, house keeping pretty much. After I learrned the ins and outs, I was asked to run the warehouse. In which I would unload flooring from trucks, inspect the flooring before sending it out to the job. I also learned how, and did carpet binding for custom area rugs. I even started doing the in home measurements for customers. Eventually I was asked by different installers to be their temporary helper, installing carpet and vinyl mostly. And as it would turn out, because of my loyalty of always showing up every day to do my part and not leave no one hanging, one of them asked me to help them full time (What's up Mickey!! :) )                                                                                               About 1997-98 Mickey tells me he's getting out of the business. It was then that I decided to start installing on my own, which meant double duty for me though but that was ok. So, I would deliver the materials, do the tear out and disposal, and install the new flooring, (full service) as that's known. At that time, I installed primarily pre-finished hardwood, and vinyl. I stayed consistent doing that. Around 1999-2000, I was wearing out my body from the work , so I needed a break. I am also a musician, so I was interested in the entertainment business. I started going to this little recording studio in Lexington Ky, and got training to be an audio engineer (sound guy!!). I didn't like being stuck in the studio all day, so I wanted to try out live productions. I got a job at Actors Theatre in Louisville Ky, in the set design department as a carpenter, (because they weren't looking for a front of house guy, only a carpenter, but I thought it was a good foot in the door for when the spot opened up.) But it was only temporary so I kept looking. I ended up working with a production company doing live events, mainly concerts. But at least I was now a Sound Guy!! Unfortunately it didn't last long. I ended up sustaining a life threatening injury on the job that put me on the sidelines. After I recuperated and was able to start working again, I started helping my uncle. We installed pre-finished hardwood, bamboo, and this new stuff called laminate flooring that you had to glue together!! :) He was the family tie I mentioned earlier, his wife was co owner of the store. We stayed busy, that is until they got a divorce!! We still got some work through the store because they still needed us for installations. But she soon remarried, and had the current hubby now installing hardwood too!! So that of course put us on the outs with the store. So that's when I finally learned the term "beating the bushes". We partnered up with a couple other local flooring stores. But the jobs weren't as consistent. So I would book some installs that I could do by myself doing other floor coverings, like vinyl, carpet tiles, running cove base, LVT, VCT, in between the installs my uncle would book. He would only install wood and laminate, so I was more versatile. So I was staying a little more steady than him.                    Around 2006, with work getting sketchy from stores, my uncle decided to start a store front, and start selling pre-finished hardwood and laminate flooring, and installation. Only Months after he got things underway, he came down with cancer and passed away shorty after. I decided to try to keep things rolling and continued to operate the store. It wasn't much of a store though, more like a pole barn with some drywall, no heating or air. Just enough space for some flooring displays. I carried pre-finished hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl tile & plank. I would do in home appointments, and bring samples to the customer and measure it up. Pretty much like being a consultant that also installs it. I did that for a while, but since I did everything myself from installs, to appointments, and doing estimates, I was starting to get the burnout factor.  After 5 years or so of trying to make it a go, I closed up shop.                                                                                                                                        From then on, I decided I would just focus on the installation side of things, and work on a one on one basis with customers for their installation needs, and cut out the middle man, or store that is. My niche is the customer that wants to purchase their flooring wherever they find the best price, and choose their own installer that they can deal with on a one on one basis, and not through a store.

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